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Compact and Portable

Kelvin 12 ICE Maker

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The revolution is here. Enjoy the luxury of making ICE where you need it - NOW!

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ICE Cubes In Just Minutes

Make cold and refreshing ice at anytime with the Kelvin12 Portable Ice Maker. Perfect for the home entertainer who loves to mix drinks for guests. Portable convenience makes it a necessity at parties, bars, entertainment and game rooms, and even boats and RV’s. Choose from three different ice size settings and at its production capacity of 52 pounds (24kg) of ice per day, never worry about running out. It features easy to use push button controls with indicator lights and a convenient clear viewing window draw. It also includes an ice bucket and ice shovel, making serving ice easy for everyone.

Simple Control

Control your ICE maker with the simple touch pad

Miniature Compressor

Our miniature compressor is half the size of conventional ice maker compressors

ICE Draw

Your Kelvin12 has a unique draw design which makes it easier to access and distribute your ice.

Designed for Practicality & style! Made For You.

The luxuries Kelvin12 is designed to be compact and powered on only 12v, this means you don't need a generator or power converter when your out on your boat or camping in the wild.

Powerful Difference

Your new Kelvin12 is not like any other ICE maker, here are some of the unique benefits.

User Friendly

The control system has been designed to be so simple you wont need instructions, simply connect the power, fill the water and press play.

Beautiful Design

Take your glamour with you when your out and about with your Kelvin12, the most beautiful designed ICE maker for everywhere.

Engineered Quality

The Kelvin12 is engineered with high quality insulation to ensure maximum efficiency and ice production and keeping your ice cooler for longer.

Compact Design

Using the latest miniature compressor, we are able to reduce our ICE maker to just 14′ (h)  11′ (w) 11′ (d) to be one of the most compact ICE makers in the world.

Any Colour

What color would you like? We can produce your Kelvin12 in any color or artwork that you desire, let it be more than a machine.

Runs On Renewables

Kelvin12 can run on renewable systems that are designed for everything from boating, camping through to houses and completely off-the-grid.


Dive Into Magic

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Tech Specs

Kelvin12 uses the latest in miniature compressor technology to provide a super compact and efficient ice production on only 12v of power.


  • Dimensions (Overall): 14 in (H) x 11 in (W) x 11 in (D)
  • Material: Plastic
  • Ice Storage Capacity: 35.0 pounds
  • Weight: 49.0 pounds
  • Ice Shape: Square
  • Number of Ice Sizes: 3.0
  • Wattage Output: 160.0 watts
  • Water Source: Hose or Bottle
  • Daily Ice Production: 24 kilograms / 52 pounds
  • Appliance Placement: Freestanding or fitted
  • Warranty: 1 year limited warranty

5 Simple Steps

  • 1. Connect the Power Cable
  • 2. Open the Draw
  • 3. Poor Water Into the Tray
  • 4. Close the Draw
  • 5. Press Start


  • Produces up to 24 kilograms / 52 pounds per day.
  • 3 ice size settings to choose from.
  • Produces 9 pieces of ice per batch.
  • Indicator light when ice is full.
  • Indicator light when water is low.
  • Convenient view window.
  • Includes ice bucket and ice shovel.
  • Attractive Non Corrosive Housing.
  • Easy Fill and Water Circulation
  • Automatic Start & Stop Power Saver

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Kelvin12 will be available FIRST to supporters through Kickstarter, the campaign is expected to run through September/October 2019 with a great discount.


Kelvin12 will be completing the setup for production and distribution and we will provide regular updates along the way.


Delivery of the first production run Kelvin12's is expected to be dispatched Feb/March 2020, just in time for the start of summer.

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